Red Lead Paperworks Unboxing

We have some incredible sponsors who gave amazingly generous prizes for the fall 2018 Mixed Media Mania YouTube hop! Some of the sponsors even sent artists products to use in their videos.

Red Lead Paperworks sent me this package with way more supplies than I could fit in my project. I brainstormed several ideas that I wanted to explore and play with these stencils, stamps, and collage sheets…so stay tuned to my channel to see how else I use them!

This was my first time using their products.The stencils are a perfect size for art journaling. The stamps, well, stamp wonderfully crisp and clear! I love that they are unmounted red-rubber for easy storage. And, the collage sheets held up to my mixed media layers.

Thank you so much, Red Lead, for the package!

If you aren’t already on their mailing list, hop over to their website to subscribe. They send out a beautiful email that will make you add more items to your wish list (mine is getting long!) and, follow them on instagram for lots of inspiration.

YouTube: Blick Art Supplies Unboxing

First, this video & post is not sponsored by Blick Art Supplies! I purchased all the supplies. Second, as an artist, I always enjoy seeing what products other artists use. In that spirit, I am sharing my latest order from Blick Art. I hope this inspires you to try some new supplies. I conducted an instagram poll and 100% of voters said “yes” to wanting to see what was in the box I posted, so here it is!

What’s in the box?
To strengthen my painting skills this year, I am taking Donna Downey’s Live Paint class and needed some supplies The open acrylics and medium were purchased for that class along with the paint brushes and holbein acrylics. The 1/2 gallon of red is also for this class!


Other supplies:

  • ecoline brush pens – a wish list item! excited to explore these as I’ve seen many artists using them for art journaling and lettering
  • empty 1/2 pans for my daniel smith watercolors

  • stabilio woody pencils – another wish list item, and i meant to order the set as well. i had a black and white of these already and really liked how they wrote on top of paint and are water soluble
  • derwent graphitone pencils – also saw some great reviews from other artists on these, so excited to try in my mixed media
  • bulldog clips – a must for holding open my art journals!
  • golden glazing medium & matte madium – I was running very low on both
  • liquitex gesso – I just poured my last drops out of my large container into a smaller one, so needed to order another refill!

unfortunately, one paint color (golden’s medium violet) and some palette knives are on backorder, so waiting on those from my order!