MMM Hop: She Dreams in Color

I’m so excited that YOU loved the first Mixed Media Mania hop so much that you asked for another. And, it’s back…. and….at the risk of sounding too cliche, it’s bigger and better! We have new artists and new sponsors (and returning artists and returning sponsors). The art is incredible and the sponsors, well, they are so generous! (So generous that all the participating artists wish they could enter!!)

In my previous post I mentioned that Red Lead sent me some supplies for the hop. It’s always a challenge to use supplies that I haven’t picked out, and on top of that always a bit nerve-wrecking when I’m using a product a company sent me to use!

However, this is probably one of my favorite art journal spreads to date…are artists allowed to have favorites? If you’ve watched my tutorial above (or when you watch it!), you know that I admitted that I scribbled on my pages “I hope these pages are not ugly!” At that point the pages were ugly…sometimes those first layers aren’t dynamic or exciting until the next layers begin to compliment them.

I loved making this double page spread in my Dina Wakley Media Journal. Red Lead sent me so many amazing supplies that I had to include a tip-in to use some, which ended up being one of my favorite parts. I also just love how each element on the pages come together: ephemera, acrylic paint, stencils, stamps, india ink, stabilo pencils, collage sheets, and more.

I hope my canvas encourages and inspires you to create in your art journal.

Be sure to look at the info box on YouTube for the directions on how you can win one of the amazing sponsored prizes. And, hop through all the videos. Most of the artists are also giving away prizes (me included!).

Enjoy scrolling through the little gallery below to see some pics of my project!


AGT: The Scary First Page

My 8th tutorial is up for Donna Downey Studios Artist Gang!

This week I’m using Donna’s create truth stencil to tackle that scary first page in my art journal! My idea behind this page was to use all the colors, marks, mediums, images, ephemera, and techniques that were speaking to me, or creating truth on my art journey.

Check out the entire post on her blog here.

SPCT: Trust Your Wings

Hello! I’m so excited to post my first tutorial for Shawn Petite’s Creative Team!

This 6×6 canvas literally fell into my lap when I was cleaning….and the rest is recorded in the video above.

Visit my post on her blog to learn more about this canvas, the meaning behind it, and a list of supplies.

What message is falling into your lap these days? Comment below, I’d love to know!

AGT: Lotus Pod Butterfly

My sixth tutorial for Donna Downey’s Artist Gang was posted today. I made a canvas using Donna’s Lotus Pod stencil. When I saw this stencil in my package from Donna, I just knew it would make the perfect butterfly wing!

I love that I have the opportunity to inspire others as a member of donna’s gang! ? If you create something that is inspired by my tutorial, tag me on Instagram (@nicolewatsonart), post below, or in the donna downey: community of artists facebook group so I can see it!

The video is above. Please visit Donna Downey’s blog to read additional information about this week’s tutorial.

The 100 Day Project: Weeks 1-25

Last year I saw many creatives participating in The 100 Day Project and really enjoyed watching their creations over the 100 days! So, when I saw several artists declaring their 100 day project this year, I decided to join in!

I actually started a day or two late, because it took me a couple days to think about what I could do that would be easy to stick to, not take a lot of time so that it became a burden and no fun…. and that would be an exercise to help grow me as an artist. Oh, and used the supplies I have on hand. Looking through all my empty journals to find one that was 100 pages and worked with all media became the challenge next! Do you know how many journals/sketch books are 48 pages!?

My goal: 100 days of circles, using a different medium each day (or different color palette in a medium I’ve used before) in this 7×10 mixed media journal. I’m allowing myself to use black and white mediums with no rule and also allowing myself to explore a duplicate medium in a new way. (Sometimes after I finish a page, an idea sparks of another way to use that medium!)

Here are pages 1-25 of the 100 days. I will do a quick flip through each quarter and then do a final flip of the entire journal at the end!

If you are curious about the supplies I used for each page, hop over to my Instagram account. I post each day there along with a photo of the supplies used.