YouTube: Create a Beautiful Card

I created a tutorial for Donna Downey’s Artist Gang showing how to create heat embossed cards with stencils and watercolors. This is a mini version showing how to quickly create this card! Thanks so much for watching!

See the full version over on this blog post.

YouTube: Blick Art Supplies Unboxing

First, this video & post is not sponsored by Blick Art Supplies! I purchased all the supplies. Second, as an artist, I always enjoy seeing what products other artists use. In that spirit, I am sharing my latest order from Blick Art. I hope this inspires you to try some new supplies. I conducted an instagram poll and 100% of voters said “yes” to wanting to see what was in the box I posted, so here it is!

What’s in the box?
To strengthen my painting skills this year, I am taking Donna Downey’s Live Paint class and needed some supplies The open acrylics and medium were purchased for that class along with the paint brushes and holbein acrylics. The 1/2 gallon of red is also for this class!


Other supplies:

  • ecoline brush pens – a wish list item! excited to explore these as I’ve seen many artists using them for art journaling and lettering
  • empty 1/2 pans for my daniel smith watercolors

  • stabilio woody pencils – another wish list item, and i meant to order the set as well. i had a black and white of these already and really liked how they wrote on top of paint and are water soluble
  • derwent graphitone pencils – also saw some great reviews from other artists on these, so excited to try in my mixed media
  • bulldog clips – a must for holding open my art journals!
  • golden glazing medium & matte madium – I was running very low on both
  • liquitex gesso – I just poured my last drops out of my large container into a smaller one, so needed to order another refill!

unfortunately, one paint color (golden’s medium violet) and some palette knives are on backorder, so waiting on those from my order!

YouTube: art journal flip through, 2017 #drawriot daily

I often try to remember how I discovered artists on instagram and usually fail. Instagram is a wonderful place to connect with artists! But however it happened, one day I found Tori with drawriot and was intrigued by her daily art journal.

After going back to school in 2016, I knew art would be limited and decided that I would attempt Tori’s #drawriot daily prompts for 2017. My hunt to find the mini moleskine turned into a comedy that forced me to begin the journey at the end of February! I searched amazon high and low, ordered one that didn’t arrive! The envelope came, but the moleskine was not inside. There were no more to be found, so I found a couple sellers on abe books. I received one from Europe late in the game, and received one from a US seller. However, the US seller was not the right mini moleskine! It was a weekly instead of daily. Finally, I had one to use and began the journey a bit late.

Even though I didn’t fill every page, and technically wasn’t successful, I look at this 2017 art journal as a story of the year. School, life events, and a hurricane left some pages blank and partially completed. However, new friendships and adventures fill the other pages.

Follow along on my 2018 adventure #nicolewatsonartdaily2018 

You can find Tori at: &