The 100 Day Project: Weeks 1-25

Last year I saw many creatives participating in The 100 Day Project and really enjoyed watching their creations over the 100 days! So, when I saw several artists declaring their 100 day project this year, I decided to join in!

I actually started a day or two late, because it took me a couple days to think about what I could do that would be easy to stick to, not take a lot of time so that it became a burden and no fun…. and that would be an exercise to help grow me as an artist. Oh, and used the supplies I have on hand. Looking through all my empty journals to find one that was 100 pages and worked with all media became the challenge next! Do you know how many journals/sketch books are 48 pages!?

My goal: 100 days of circles, using a different medium each day (or different color palette in a medium I’ve used before) in this 7×10 mixed media journal. I’m allowing myself to use black and white mediums with no rule and also allowing myself to explore a duplicate medium in a new way. (Sometimes after I finish a page, an idea sparks of another way to use that medium!)

Here are pages 1-25 of the 100 days. I will do a quick flip through each quarter and then do a final flip of the entire journal at the end!

If you are curious about the supplies I used for each page, hop over to my Instagram account. I post each day there along with a photo of the supplies used.

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