One Little Word 2018

photo and bracelet by lora at eager hands

One little word.

I’ve struggled for years trying to pick one word to focus on for the coming year, so much so that I’ve never done it. How can you focus 365 days of unknown on one word?

This year I again tried to think of a word. However, it was different. The word came to me right away, and it’s perfect. It’s not a word that feels finite or too focused. It’s a word that allows me to grow, change, improve, explore, create, and just be.

My one little word for 2018 is CONTINUE.

To remember my word this year, I ordered this beautiful copper cuff bracelet from lora over at eager hands jewelry. You can also find her beautiful feed on instagram.

Here’s where my mostly art blog and website will get a little more personal. Hopefully you’ll learn a bit more about me in the process.

I want to continue:

  • Finding purpose
  • Exploring art
  • Decluttering life
  • Improving health
  • Focusing on self
  • Drinking coffee
  • Savoring moments
  • Seeking faith
  • Moving on
  • Healing
  • Being
  • (and a few other more personal –ings that I’m savoring in my heart)

For my birthday in 2016 my husband gave me a necklace that had the word journey on, it was perfect to represent what I was going through. I unofficially adopted it as my one little word for 2016-17. The last two years found me on an unexpected journey. Sometimes the unexpected is just what is needed, even though it is difficult. A change that left a huge hole in my purpose sent me on a path to finish my degree, research to improve my health, hang pictures on my walls, donate bags of clothes, toss bins of clutter, visit museums, meet friends for coffee, read a book, attempt daily art, start selling on etsy, and begin the search for purpose.

And, I’m not finished. In 2018 I want to continue making up for lost time that left me with the clutter, empty walls, and no time for myself and art.

This past fall was difficult. Hurricane Harvey affected me more than I expected, and this put a little halt to some of the progress and the daily art. Thankfully our house didn’t flood, but we spent several days stuck inside preparing for the worst. We moved food and our wedding china and grandparent’s dishes upstairs. I’ll never forget turning off the lights and going upstairs knowing that if the rain bands were as bad as the night before, our first floor would flood. It was a huge exercise in letting go.

Yesterday I purchased a new pair of tennis shoes. It was part impulse buy (thanks, Costco!) and part very much needed. That morning I tried on several pairs of shoes since it was cold and I couldn’t wear my usual flip flops, and they all fell off my feet. I still have a long journey ahead, but I’m stepping into 2018 with new shoes to continue this journey.

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