Donna Downey Studios Artist Gang 2018!

donna downey studios artist gang 2018

Today, my dream of sharing my art with the world begins.

I am thrilled to announce that I am a member of Donna Downey Studios 2018 Artist Gang! This is a dream come true on many levels.

After some unexpected changes in life in the Spring of 2016, I decided to return to Iowa State University and finish my degree as a distance student. I originally entered ISU just out of high school to study journalism which turned into art and design with minors in advertising and Russian studies. Then, I met a boy, left school, and moved to Houston, Texas. I intended to finish my degree in Texas and was even accepted to the Art Institute of Houston, but it just didn’t seem right. Fast forward to a wedding, a career, leaving the full-time job to do freelance and contract work from home…then life taking an unexpected direction after losing some of my contract work leaving me wondering what to do next (enter: school!).

Lots of people asked me what my plans were after graduation. I often responded something to the effect of, “Hang the diploma on the wall and smile.” In reality, I hoped to pursue art. I’ve been helping others with their dreams through freelancing, and it was time to focus on my own. First goals were website/blog and social media presence in the hopes of the ultimate dream of being on a design team. A surprise email from Donna during Thanksgiving break from class fast forwarded the goals and fulfilled my dream.

On December 16, I officially graduate from Iowa State University with a Bachelor of Liberal Studies degree and a Russian Studies minor.

It was my plan to have my website ready for the announcement. Then, it snowed in Houston. That sentence sums up my two years. Unexpected, unplanned, sometimes a bit shocking, but in the end, exciting.

Thank you for your patience while my website is a work in progress (#wip) and the paint is still drying. I am so excited to develop my art, business, brand, and meet so many wonderful artists along the way.

Now, off to finish my final project, take a final, and graduate! I’ll see you on the other side with paintbrush in hand ready to create.

Be sure to visit the 2018 Artist Gang page to see the other members, read their bios, and follow each one on social media.

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